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v2 n1 - SPRING 2013


From the Editor iv
Deepak Shimkhada, Claremont Lincoln University


The Mahābhārata and the Stories Some People Tell about It - Part 2 1
Alf Hiltebeitel, George Washington University

The Western Tribal Region in South Asia: Limits of Our Knowledge 15
Vyacheslav Y. Belokrenitsky, Russian Academy of Sciences

Looking for the Hidden Colors of Sufism in the Shadow of a Song 29
Christine Everaert, University of Utah

A Maharaja’s European Holiday: A Centennial Review 48
Pradapaditya Pal

Where Agency is Not Resistance: A Case of Women’s Ritual Reading of Gurucaritra59
Mugdha Yeolekar, Arizona State University

The Past and the Present of Theravada Buddhism in Sri Lanka: 72
Traditional Heritage and the Challenge of Modernity

Alexandra L. Safronova, Moscow State University

The Expression of Muslim Identity in South Asia Since 1947: 84
Political, Social, and Religious Outlets

Syed Hussain Shaheed Soherwordi, University of Peshawar

Fearlessness v. Recklessness: A Refutation of Buddhist Gender Essentialism and 92
Chauvinism: Reconsidering the Marks and Signs of a Buddha

Bhikshuni Lozang Trinlae, Claremont Lincoln University


Review: Rethinking Displacement: Asia Pacific Perspectives, edited by 100
Ruchira Ganguly-Scrase and Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt 102

reviewed by Vandana Asthana, Eastern Washington University

Review: The Bhagavad Gita: A New Translation, edited by
Gavin Flood and Charles Martin

reviewed by Laxman D. Satya, Lock Haven University

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